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This programme will be in the English language and will be held in the mountains of Italy at a beautifully secluded retreat. We start with the first Leaders Lab in autumn 2020. Participants will come from all over the world. The maximum amount of participants will be 30.


How do we address the urgent ecological, economic and social changes that we are already facing today? How do we get in-tune with the under currents of these changes providing us with essential new insights and creative clues of how to deal with change? How do we stay ‘in the moment’, not acting out of fear of opportunism, but from openness, with a flexible and compassionate mind and heart, also when there are seemingly impossible differences in views and perspectives? How do we create a culture in which such strong differences can be met and heard, and thus transformed into common growth?


These are adventurous times. The fundaments on which our modern society is being build, are shaking. We are being invited to create a new world, economical, ecological and social. This offers great new opportunities. But at the same time this responsibility can seem to be so huge, that it makes us freeze in our actions. Or, on the contrary, we become so strongly convinced to take action now, that we lose connection with what is truly necessary, ending up with innovations that are modifications of what we already have or know.


The urgency of today’s crisis creates polarisation, not only in the way we take or withhold from action. Opinions on what is going on and how we should react are strongly communicated, either in a conservation or progressive way. Today’s discussion is less about what is truly going on and what we are in need of. I had become a battle of arguments, making us stuck in the moment: the world going in one direction, and we, the people in another.


Today’s ecological and economical matters probably can be answered with smart technological innovations. But what stands in the way is the willingness to combine creative power, to unite intelligence. Somehow we do not seem to know how to come together with an open mind and heart, and therefore do not know how to unleash the common creative source to co-create something that is strong enough to meet the uncertainty we are faced with today. What we need today, more than technological innovations, is social innovation. We are in need of people leading the social change. We call them innervators.





Today’s problem are so complex – economical, ecological and social problems are totally entangled that the answers we have to create cannot be found within the context that have create these problems. We will have to make use of our common intelligence and creativity, which asks for new social skills to get away from discussion and the game of shame of blame. We would need to overcome our own perspectives, and together create a perspective that is yet unknown to us.


In our leadership retreat you will be trained in mastering the necessary social skills, which is not a fixed set of skills but tailor made to your qualities and personality, and therefore authentic. In order to do so we work on different levels:



You will get an overview of all the relevant tendencies in today’s society and the way they effect society and leadership.



You will get attuned to undercurrents in the contemporary world and acquire the ability to translate them into growth—both personal and collective. You will learn to transform inner blockages into openness, perceptibility and a sense of wonder; eagerness for new possibilities.



You’ll become more aware of your connections to others, and learn how to establish sincere, decisive relationships. You’ll get a clearer picture of your own position within the larger scheme of things, learn to unlock your creative potential, refine it and put it at the service of sustainable growth. You will get all the skills to master ‘holding the space’ a quality of conversation that will turn differences into common growth. You will learn how to deal with resistance, frustration and not-knowing, all elements that belong to making crucial changes.



You will be (re)connected to a source of creativity that is in-tune with what is needed, leads to truly new innovations, and has the ability to establish change with growth for everyone.



At Your Lab, we work with a unique approach, combining mental, physical and creative exercises that result in a structural impact. Guidance is provided by several specialists who ‘walk it like they talk it’. This retreat is supervised by Your Lab founder André Platteel, accompanied by guest trainers from a variety of disciplines, all acknowledged specialists in their own right. At the end of the retreat you will receive the Your Lab book, with all the insights and tools, but also with assignments that you can use in daily practice. All participants can join the Your Lab community, providing new insights in the form of essays, and written interviews and podcasts with leading specialists.


For more information contact: If you like to receive references of former participants from companies as Ahold, Microsoft, ABN Amro, ING, Philips, KPN, and/ or the creative sector, please let us know.

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