André Platteel
Radical Not-Knowing: Learning with an unknown future

That the world is rapidly changing, is clear to everyone. How to react to it, however, is not. To André Platteel, the transition we are in is drastic. All fundaments that constitute our society are shaking - economically politically and socially. We are facing the shift of an era, like has happened many times before in history. This has an enormous impact on our lives, both professional and personal.

André will talk about the radical concept of learning in a world that is largely unknown. and how we can better prepare future generations to navigate this new world.

André Platteel is the author of several books on cultural changes and the novelist of Alles Hiervoor and the soon to be published Net Veertien. Het is also the founder of Your Lab, a platform for radical not-knowing: how to navigate in a world that is rapidly changing all the time in which knowledge has a sell-by-date.

Watch the Ted-talk here

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community