Two times a year we organize a retreat in a tucked-away estate; a little oasis in the forests of central Netherlands. A place where the seasons can be closely experienced; In winter only contours are left to see. You wake up each day with the wintery morning haze lingering around the trees. This quietude allows you to hear all that is important to you and listen to all that has been shouted down. What excites and inspires you truly? What happens in your body and what do you want to bring into this world? Winter is the perfect moment to slow down, to reflect, to connect deeper with yourself and others, and to prepare for spring.


Themes that will come up during this retreat: How do you find meaning in this accelerated society?; How do you get into a creative flow?; What is the difference between fear and intuition?; How can you develop yourself, in dialogue with others?; How can I deal with anxiety or pain, and transform those feelings? How do I relate to others in an open and vulnerable way, and stay true to myself?


During this retreat we focus on silence, meditation and reflection, combined with physical sessions (martial arts, improvisation, yoga) and creative workshops with artists, writers, actors and directors. All sessions are aimed at experience. On average, three new sessions are offered each day. Our trainers are all renowned specialists in their own field of activity. This retreat is held at a beautiful estate, tucked away in the forests of Lage Vuursche. Food served is vegetarian, prepared mostly with the produce of the estate’s kitchen garden.


This Winterretreat will be in English and in Dutch.


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