Leadership Program

How can you eat form connectedness and facilitating overall growth? How do you create authentic leadership- thinking, feeling and doing being alligned? What is the role of innovation, creation and communication when you are focused on collective growth? How can you combine openness and empathy with being professional, effective and decisive? What new techniques can you use to facilitate collective growth?  How do you achieve that powerful connection within your team, the connected flow in which strategic games, endless competition and burn-out no longer threaten or even exist? How do you use your new leadership style to realise everyone’s potential, enabling every team member to use his unique qualities in serving the ultimate objective of individual and collective growth?


Which tendencies in today’s society are relevant to me? In which ways are my life and my (personal) leadership influenced by them? How do I become attuned to undercurrents in the contemporary world and acquire the ability to translate them into growth—both personal and collective? How do I connect with others to [expand my horizon / broaden my perspective], turning diversity and resistance into sources of inspiration? These are just a few of the questions to be dealt with during this 6-day retreat in Umbria, Italy. The location is a magnificent renovated monastery, surrounded by forests and lakes.


Longing for peace of mind, lucidity and a renewed sense of purpose? Are you in need of feeling connected—to yourself, to others and to the world? Do you want to be in touch with the creative resources that will allow you to be your own person confidently? Then join us on this 5-day retreat to the lovely forests of Lage Vuursche.


Question? Contact Robin at: robin@yourlab.nl

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