Vivian attended Your Lab Business, together with her brother.  After studying at Business School, she had taken a responsible job in a big company. “For a long time,” she says “I thought I had the job I always wanted and was rewarded for what I did.  But in my body it didn’t feel quite right.  So when I heard about the Your Lab training I immediately subscribed.  I wanted to know:  what am I really whole-hearted about?  What gives me energy?”


“I don’t want to be, I want to become.”


“We are always comparing ourselves to other people, trying to understand how we must live a life through the reflection of others.  But I didn’t want to find my answers that way.  It feels as if we are presented with a menu from which we have to choose how to live.  But I want to set my own menu, create my own ingredients, digest what I think is right for me.  Your Lab offered me the space to find out who I really am.  And I found out that I am not “some-one”, but I am always in the process of reinventing myself.  I don’t want to be, I want to become.”


 “I am interested in satisfaction without filling up.”


“My interest is not in finding something that would fill up a void inside me.  I am interested in satisfaction without filling up. So I have stopped working and created some space for myself.  I have seen that the situation I found myself in was not caused by the job itself, but was the result of how I related to that job.”

“It can be seductive to blame the situation you are in to external causes, but everything can be solved from within.  This has to do with how we relate to ourselves and everything around us.   If we have investigated our own patterns and find that we have solved everything within ourselves, then making choices becomes easier.  I think that is a fair way of living:  not blaming anything, but investigating.  This is the way to feel wholesome.”

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