In this program, aimed at future leaders, we invite 15 attendees to develop and expand a personal innovative leading style in order to serve themselves, their current or future team members and the conscious transition we are seeing in our world. These times call for new leaders with an entirely different vision and approach, no longer intent on constant competition and conflict but directed towards connection and growth for everyone involved. This new generation of leaders intuitively feels when a new phase of life is appearing, but is often restricted by tutors or managers who think and act from older mechanisms.


New Leadership involves embodiment of your unique role within the whole and facilitating others in their unique roles.


It’s clear that these times call for new leaders who can interact in a fast changing world with creativity and flexibility, putting collective growth to the top of their priority list. However, a new way of leading requires much more than just learning a few more skills.  It requires the embodiment of your unique role within the whole and facilitating others in their unique roles. Your Lab helps to guide future leaders as they discover their own personal innovative leadership styles.


Kick off: YL Leadership retreat – 19-24 September

The Leadership year program begins with a six-day retreat focused on cultivating authentic leadership and acquiring insights into our rapidly changing cultural arena. You will learn how to approach these changes from openness and intuition, emerging into ideas of collective growth – not only within your own team but also within the larger social perspective. The retreat will be held in a beautiful convent in the Umbrian region of Italy.


Monthly “intervision” seminars

After the six-day retreat, the program continues with monthly seminars in which attendees contribute by sharing real life examples and ideas from their daily work spaces. This will give us many opportunities for further reflection, resulting in deeper elaboration and integration.

Some examples of the themes we will explore are: how to create authentic leadership? What does it mean to serve social, situational, empathetic and authentic leadership? What qualities are needed and how are they integrated in an appropriate personal leadership style? What is the role of innovation, creation and communication when you are focused on collective growth?  How can you combine openness and empathy with being professional, effective and decisive? How can you manage your team members to achieve inner sustainability so that their “doing” is based on “being”, and remains sustainable? What new techniques can you use to facilitate collective growth (e.g. co-creation, holistic meeting techniques like Holocracy, and other innovative innovation techniques)? How do you transform resistance into creation and connection?  How do you achieve that powerful connection within your team, the connected flow in which strategic games, endless competition and burn-out no longer threaten or even exist? How do you use your new leadership style to realise everyone’s potential, enabling every team member to use his unique qualities in serving the ultimate objective of individual and collective growth?


Monthly tailor made case studies

The monthly seminars are followed by tailor made case studies with which the attendees can further deepen and refine their relevant personal experience. Your Lab will reflect on these cases to facilitate a further deepening of the practice of innovative leadership.


Reflection partner

All attendees will be coupled with a “reflection partner” from the business world. People who are innovative leaders in their fields, will offer attendees the opportunity to learn from their approach and techniques. The partner will also provide dedicated, focused reflection on the individual process of each attendee.


Closing two-day training

The year-long program will close with a two-day training course, guided by skilled, experienced and innovative leadership trainers, all with a business background. Practical guidelines and further techniques for innovative leadership will be offered and a leadership expert will personally interview each attendee, giving direct feedback on your own unique and personal leadership style. Attendees will receive a certificate, since Your Lab is formally acknowledged as an educational institute in personal development.


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