André Platteel

Andre is Your Lab’s Initiator and responsible for the content and monitoring of all programs and retreats. In addition he acts as a sounding board for management teams facing major transitions, and has authored several books and publications on culture change.


Anna de Bie

Anna connects Your Lab with companies driven to conduct business out of love and with vigor. For the last 20 years Anna has specialised in the field of personal development and living from personal power & authenticity.

Advisory board

Herman Wijffels

Herman, former CEO of Rabobank and Administrator at the World Bank, is currently Professor of Sustainability & Social Change at the University of Utrecht. Where he continues his commitment to building a sustainable, peaceful and righteous world.


Robin van den Maagdenberg

Robin is in charge of the Your Lab organisation and conducts interviews with changemakers and new leaders of tomorrow’s connected society. Participation in the Your Lab programs not only gave her valuable insights, but also granted her a job where she could fully explore her creativity.

Advisory board

Stef van Dongen

Stef inspires young people to connect their idealism with common sense. His goal: to change the world in a positive way. Since founding his company Enviu five years ago, Stef has developed lots of innovative and sustainable projects.


Floris van Tilburg

Floris attended Theatre School in Utrecht and went on to work both in theater and in business. During our Your Lab programs Floris mirrors unconscious patterns and facilitates the experience of authentic leadership.

Guest speakers

Jan Willem Roos

Jan Willem teaches Aikido. He’s fascinated by the relationship between movement, emotion and expression. What truly moves us? During our Your Lab sessions, Jan Willem guides our participants on a journey of self-discovery.