Our programmes focus on three processes:


1. Self-awareness

Self-awareness is not to be understood as being completely centered on one’s self, but rather to free oneself from that mindset. How can we open ourselves up, to others and to the world, and become connected? At Your Lab, it’s all about the experience of connection. To yourself first and foremost: patterns of thought and feeling that limit you, can be transformed into strength. Noise and anxiety fade away. Thinking and acting become reconnected. Instead of feeling fragmented, you become aware of an inner unity, resulting in peace of mind and clarity. You can exist in the moment. Instead of percieving others and the world as threatening, you feel connected.


2. Open dialogue

The sense of being connected through self-awareness results in empathy and openness. Issues can be percieved from various perspectives, broadening your outlook. This is a necessary skill if we are to make a collective effort at finding creative solutions for the complex problems we are now facing. Differences, criticism and resistance no longer form obtacles and become sources of inspiration, leading to mutual growth. We hand you the tools to construct a creative dialogue. Our strategy is deceleration, active attention and sincere interest. The resulting sense of being connected, of wonder, allows us to become aware of essential undercurrents that often tend to pass unnoticed in our hectic, agitated lives.


3. Growth

Creativity is a state of being: receptive, open and full of wonder. All things are constantly changing, and we are no exclusion. Creation is of our essence, we are forever ‘becoming’.  What is there to hold onto, how to know which direction to take? How to handle moments of ‘not knowing’ without anxiety, but with an open mind? Your Lab offers you tools to become creative, without losing sight of limitations. We make use of intervention techniques borrowed from sports and drama, insights gleaned from philosophy and psychology, and lessons learnt from processes we encouter in technology, in the arts and in nature.


What do we do?

We work with physical and mental reflections, making use of the power of improvisation and spontaneity—our aim is to reach a state of intuitive awareness. Our approach is interdisciplinary: trainers’ backgrounds include sports, the arts (theatre, literature, visual art), science, philosophy, psychiatry, politics, and corporate business. This allows for unexpected connections and innovative ideas. Our trainers are innovators in their own specific fields of expertise and all share Your Lab’s basic precept: that everything is connected.


Everyone is involved

Your Lab is a foundation, all profits are donated to empower those people most in need of social and financial support. Every year we allow 100 people to follow our programme free of cost; former convicts, homeless people, people afflicted by depression and anxiety disorders. For this end, we recieve support from: Kans Fonds, Triodos Fonds, Stichting Janivo, VSB Fonds, Haella Fonds and Fundatie Santheuvel.  In case you require further information, wish to collaborate with or take part in one of our programmes, please contact us.