For those working towards inner peace and creative power.

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Though originally the French word for retreat, retraite, refers to “to withdraw”, at Your Lab we like to use it a bit differently. You will be invited to join us in the Dutch woods for a week, but the tranquility you will experience is actually going to help you to tap into an overwhelming energy: you will feel a storm of life raging through your body. You will experience a connection to other people and the world at a fundamental level. That way, it will become crystal clear how you can employ your unique qualities to not only help yourself, but to help others grow as well. Creativity will start flowing spontaneously. The peace you will experience will give you focus, confidence and clarity.

The Your Lab retreat is an invitation to come into contact with your true essence, and to devotedly deploy that essence in the world. You will feel the peace and quiet that will flow from the power and exercise workshops, the movement, meditation, creation and breathing and tranquility sessions in every cell of your body. In between sessions, you will have enough time to collect yourself, take a walk in the woods and to reflect upon your personal process.



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1 - 5 august 2018



Participation costs

Normal: € 695,-*/Students: € 555,-*
*at an additional cost you can book a 1- or 2-person room

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