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Which tendencies in today’s society are relevant? In which ways is my (personal) leadership influenced by them? How do I become attuned to undercurrents in the contemporary world and acquire the ability to translate them into growth—both personal and collective? How do I connect with others turning diversity and resistance into sources of inspiration? These are just a few of the questions to be dealt with during this 6-day retreat in Umbria, Italy. The location is a magnificent renovated monastery, surrounded by forests and lakes.


During this retreat you will experience a creative flow: inner blockages are transformed into openness, perceptibility and a sense of wonder; eagerness for new possibilities. You’ll become more aware of your connections to others, and learn how to establish sincere, decisive relationships. You’ll get a clearer picture of your own position within the larger scheme of things, learn to unlock your creative potential, refine it and put it at the service of sustainable growth. This retreat is intended as the starting point of our year programme, but can also be joined separately. The maximum number of participants is 18, allowing ample



Why this Umbrian retreat?

Inner blockages can be transformed, mentally as well as physically. This re-establishes the balance between thinking, feeling and acting. You will be in-the-moment, feeling serene and trustful. No longer solely in your head, you’ll experience the opening up of all your senses in wonder at the surrounding world. You’ll become eager for new information and feel inspired. You’ll now know how to tap your creative sources. Knowing yourself to be connected with others enables your thoughts and actions to contribute to collective growth. You’ll experience that loving has nothing to do with romance—it’s a way of being-in-the-world, based on compassion, active interest and creativity.


Which techniques do we use?

During this retreat, we work mainly with a combination of silence, meditation and reflection. We hand you techniques to overcome inner blockages. Offer workshops in techniques of presentation and dialogue. And prepare you for ‘holding the space’: a set of techniques and sensibilities enabling full efficacy of creative powers, both individual and collective.



At Your Lab, we work with a unique approach, combining mental, physical and energetic exercises that result in a structural impact. Guidance is provided by several specialists who ‘walk it like they talk it’. This retreat is supervised by Your Lab founder André Platteel, accompanied by guest trainers from a variety of disciplines, all acknowledged specialists in their own right. The surrounding nature is an integral part of the workshops. The leadership retreat is held twice yearly.   



Feel free to contact us for testimonials from previous participants of e.g. Ahold, Microsoft, Philips, ABN Amro, ING, KPN, ASR, Random Studio’s, Innovation Booster, creative companies, architectural firms or entrepreneurs.


Contact: for a flyer, more information, or if you wish to attend.

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