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The Leadership Retreat is aimed at leaders who want to create meaningful stories from a place of overall coherence and leading to overall, common and collective growth. These could be business leaders, innovation managers, change agents, people from the creative industry but also scientists, politicians and everyone who feels called to take the lead in the current cultural transition. The main themes: (1) Self-awareness, (2) Facilitation of dialogue that leads to overall and common growth. There is a maximum of 12 participants per edition. Participation requires no preparation. This is a 6-day retreat.


We stay for this Leadership retreat in a beautiful renovated monastery in Umbria, surrounded by forests and lakes. During this retreat, you can expect the following insights: What developments in society affect my leadership and business and how can I creatively transform these developments? How can I pick up the undercurrent of current times that leads us to sustainable and effective innovations? How do I create a form of leadership that leads to growth for everyone involved – for others, the world and myself?


We use our own developed Model-a (see vision) that includes all areas of concern and intervention techniques required for this process. We highlight a different theme from that model every day and accompany these themes with inspiring examples and in-depth case studies. The acquired insights will inspire you to a form of leadership that allows you to grow yourself and everyone involved. The vision you develop, and intuitively will be able to effectively transform into practice, will no longer come from a place of reaction to current developments but will be one step ahead; you are shaping these developments yourself.





Main themes:

  • Understanding of cultural changes and their impact;
  • Picking up of undercurrents to lead to sustainable innovation;
  • Self-awareness to ensure the emergence of authentic leadership;
  • Dialogue techniques that enable growth from a place of connection;
  • Creation techniques that ensure the creation of meaningful innovation.



That lead to:

  • Clearly seeing and translating social, cultural and economic developments;
  • Connecting with undercurrents through stillness and slowing down;
  • Finding practical solutions for complex issues;
  • Knowing how to get groups in motion from a place of connection;
  • Aligning your thinking, doing and acting;
  • Creating a powerful connection with yourself and others;
  • Understanding of dialogue-, creation- and innovation techniques;
  • Inspiration that leads you to real, purposeful and meaningful innovation;




Our unique approach of mental, physical and energetic exercises allows you to experience structural impact. Specialists that truly live what they teach will be accompanying you. In addition to the main trainer and founder of this retreat, André Platteel, we make us of the expertise of guest trainers that either travel with us to Umbria or are already present there. We also make use of the natural surroundings by including the nature in our workshops. We organize this leadership retreat twice a year.



Feel free to contact us for testimonials from previous participants of e.g. Ahold, Microsoft, Philips, ABN Amro, ING, KPN, the creative sector, advertising agencies, architectural firms or entrepreneurs.

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22 - 27th of May 2017



Participation costs

€ 3.250,-*
*Incl. meals and hotel. Excl. BTW and travel costs

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