A two months journey


This two-month Your Lab edition starts with and individual check-in, which will help develop physical, mental and energetic reflections. Based upon this, you will be provided with a tailor-made project. After the intake, a three-day training starts, added to with six weekly sessions. The edition will be completed with one last full day of training. Total amount of sessions: 14 half-days. Your thoughts, your actions and your intuition will be perfectly outlined. This enables you to take your unique place in the world and because of that to contribute to the larger whole that you are part of. You will experience unity, and from that point create in a way that will allow everyone to prosper.

Maximum number of participants: 15.

This edition is organized twice per year.



You will gather insight into assumptions and patterns that hamper openness and learn to let go off those. You will no longer operate from fear and the need to control, but live in freedom. That freedom is rooted in the thorough realization that you are connected to everyone and everything. You will come into contact with the source of life itself. This will armor you with enormous clarity, decisiveness and love, which in its turn will grant peace and clarity. You will become amazed about life and because of that will be able to utilize your full creative potential. This makes everything you do spontaneous and playful, as well as loving and decisive. An unknown trust will arise. You will know how to contribute with you unique qualities to the development of everything and everyone, whether privately or in a professional context. You will feel healed at all levels and become highly attuned, because of which life will open itself spontaneously and powerfully. Due to the duration of the program, experiences will sink in and you will be able to reflect upon them, and allow them to take root at the deepest level.



You will be mentored by specialists, who themselves live through the things they teach you. The sessions you will participate in: work with constellations, role-play, creation and manifestation sessions, immune system trainings (Ice-man), transformational breathing and various guided meditations. We also use innovative methods to physically and mentally help resolve old pains and fears. Additionally, you will experience a deep connection during the stilled and energetic sessions, both individually and in groups. You will feel whole, and entirely in the moment.








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