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Your Lab provides in-company training for executive teams and management teams. These courses are made-to-measure. Recent clients include ABN Amro, Ebbinge, ‘s Heeren Loo, Young Coulfield, Random Studio’s, Heineken,, Philips, Innovation Booster.


Corporate structures are becoming less top-down, individual teams operate semi-autonomously to ensure swift and innovative responses to contemporary developments. This requires a whole new set of skills and sensibilities. An open mind, a flexible attitude aimed at reaching mutual agreement. The capacity to cope with stress and resistance, allowing for a creative approach rather than merely responding reactively. Experiencing a strong sense of connection, developing the ability to anticipate the requirements of a given situation with intuition and consideration. In semi-autonomous teams individuals are alternately leader or follower, or both at the same time. Given the absense of rigid hierarchical structures, it becomes an individual necessity to see one’s own development in a larger perspective. Once this expanded perspective comes into view, all activities become self-evidently sustainable.


We train teams to organise themselves along these lines: organically, open-minded, continually evolving, with decisiveness and a sense of responsibility.


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