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Longing for peace of mind, lucidity and a renewed sense of purpose? Are you in need of feeling connected—to yourself, to others and to the world? Do you want to be in touch with the creative resources that will allow you to be your own person confidently? Then join us on this 5-day retreat to the lovely forests of Lage Vuursche. The winterretreat is bilingual: Dutch and English.


What does this personal retreat offer you?

The retreat is all about deceleration and quietude. This results in tranquility, lucidity, a clear outlook. Personal issues that have become bothersome intangible knots in the hubbub of daily life, preventing you from taking new directions, can be disentangled and transformed into positive forces. A playful creativity is set in motion. You’ll experience a strong sense of connection to yourself and your environment. This intensified sense of connection in turn enables you to experience the power of compassion and vulnerability; no longer will you feel the need to exhaust yourself or figure everything out on your own. You’ll discover how to create meaningful relationships of mutual growth. Some of the issues addressed during this retreat: How to discern what is truly meaningful in this accelerated world? How to generate a creative flow and share that energy with others, to the benefit of all? How to transform past experiences of pain and anxiety into strength? How to establish relationships based on mutual receptiveness and vulnerability rather than conflict and frustration?


Some of the insights you will gain:

  • Patterns of thought and feeling that have become obstacles can be transformed into strength.
  • Thought, feeling and action become attuned to one another, renewing your sense of focus and energy.
  • The absence of background noise lets you experience a deep calmness and healthy trust.
  • You’ll improve your ability to concentrate, to not get carried away by feelings or thoughts—whether they be your own or those of others.
  • You’ll experience that you don’t stand alone but are connected to others and the external world. You learn how to reach out to others and to be aware when others are reaching out to you. This results in compassion. Collective strength surpasses what you could do by yourself.
  • You will re-examine your relationship with loved ones—friends, relatives, partners—and learn to focus on compassion, openness and tenderness.
  • You’ll acquire the ability to transform fears, insecurities and ongoing self-criticism.
  • You’ll experience the true meaning of gratitude, letting go and being in the ‘here and now.’
  • You’ll meet a variety of people, from just as many backgrounds. This broadens your perspective and provides an opportunity to expand your network.



During this retreat we focus on silence, meditation and reflection, combined with physical sessions (martial arts, improvisation, yoga) and creative workshops with artists, writers, actors and directors. All sessions are aimed at experience. On average, three new sessions are offered each day. Our trainers are all renowned specialists in their own field of activity. This retreat is held at a beautiful estate, tucked away in the forests of Lage Vuursche. Food served is vegetarian, prepared mostly with the produce of the estate’s kitchen garden. It is possible to bring your own tent and camp on the estate grounds, or to place a reservation for either a bed in the dormitory or a private room in one of the estate buildings.




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19 - 23 February 2020


Baarn, The Netherlands


€ 695,-


€ 595,-

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