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- Year Program

What is the meaning of leadership in today’s world of accelerated change, where organizational structures have become almost horizontal and teams operate semi-autonomously? Where responsibility extends from people to organizations and the world at large?


How to ascertain you’re no longer doggedly trying to keep up with recent developments, because you’re creatively shaping the future instead? What does leadership at the service of the greater good entail? How to become attuned to undercurrents in the contemporary world, enabling an innovative response to complex issues? How to develop a personal, authentic style of leadership?


In the course of our Leadership program you will acquire the ability to find your own answers to these questions. Practical workshops and experimentation will provide you with skills to implement your ideas. We work with philosophers, scientists, business people, sports people, psychologists and creatives renowned for unorthodox, innovative approaches to their chosen fields of activity. You’ll experience physical, mental and energetic reflections and feel encouraged to realize your full potential.

The maximum number of participants is 20.


What does the Leadership program offer you?

We start with a focus on dynamics – group dynamics as well as your own. Then we proceed to the development of a practical framework – not the other way round. Our main emphasis is not on concepts or models—rather we encourage the development of personal, true-to-life styles of leadership, and the ability to create the practical tools they require. As a result, knowledge and skills acquired in the course of this program are always unique and authentic.


You’ll gain insights into your patterns of thought, your behavioral patterns, and learn how to transform them into positive forces. Thinking, feeling and acting will become attuned to each other. This results in a clear mind and a sense of tranquility. You will no longer be distracted by stress, resistance or strategic games. Inner peace allows you to experience openness, flexibility and creativity. Your thoughts and actions feel strongly connected to the present moment, here and now. Innovative ideas and solutions will flourish.


You will become aware of the interconnectedness of all things, how every act has effects in the greater scheme of things. Sustainability will become an inner necessity, a priority as a matter or course.


Which skills will you acquire?

How to develop a team. How to establish authentic relationships, without interference. How teams can reach a state of flow, enabling optimal use of collective knowledge and creativity, even in case of stress and resistance.


You’ll be able to discern patterns, in yourself as well as in others, and you’ll develop the ability to transform such patterns into individual and collective empowerment. Connections based on sincerity let teams achieve excellence and ensure effortless support for ideas. You’ll find out which style of presentation is best suited to your person, and how to inspire others with your enthusiasm and motivation. But also, how you can be inspired and nourished by others.


Meditation and quietude will open you up to an experience of being completely connected, which in turn will strongly affect your thoughts and feelings. Rather than circling around notions of lack and competitiveness, your thoughts will be of collaboration, complement, abundance. You’ll master a set of creative and intervention techniques to pass on all acquired skills to others, enabling you to share and delegate your leadership. Finally, you’ll gain insight into every aspect of Model-a, our method for a continuously evolving and refined creativity.



The leadership program comprises 32 half-day sessions. The year kicks off with a Leadership retreat in Umbria, Italy (6 days) or with a Retreat in the Netherlands (5 days). Following that, eight separate days throughout the year allow for additional work on acquired skills. These are mostly held on saturdays. Finally, we get together for a weekend in which all new insights are brought into perspective. For the duration of the program, each participant has a personal mentor, enabling feedback at all times. After each training you will receive a summary, an inventory of practical tools and assignments to practice with. On completing the programme you will receive the Your Lab publication (Bookbone Publishers), in which all these insights are put into words.



The leadership programme is supervised by renowned, innovative thinkers and creatives from a variety of disciplines: philosophy, martial arts, science, business, art and (earthly) spirituality.


Your Lab founder André Platteel is the main supervisor. And you’ll learn from other participants as well, whose backgrounds and experiences may enrich your own vision and broaden your perspective.


The year programme starts with the retreat in Italy (May 14 – 19) or the retreat in the Netherlands (July 17 – 21). Followed by eight monthly sessions and a concluding weekend:


Session 1:  August 3, 2019

Session 2:  September 7, 2019

Session 3:  October 12, 2019

Session 4:  November 9, 2019

Session 5:  December 7, 2019

Session 6:  January 4, 2020     

Session 7:  March 21, 2020

Session 8:  April 18, 2020

Final weekend:  May 16 & 17, 2020

Additional information

Mail us if you wish to receive our business brochure or reviews by former participants: ABNAmro, Philips, Shell, ING, ASR, Random Studio’s, First Day of Spring, Public Prosecution Service and many other (multi)national corporations and creative bureaus. Or make an appointment to discuss the program personally:



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