My own spiritual practice over the last 30 years has been a process of meditation and reasoning within myself to reach satisfying answers to the deepest questions regarding the true nature of our being. Your Lab can be very helpful in answering those same questions, but it is a different process than the path of reasoning that I know so well.

Quickly establishing an environment of safety in which we could feel the trust and vulnerability necessary to open our hearts, the Your Lab retreat created a warm, loving, sharing space for the trapped energy of locked emotions to start shifting and flowing. I was deeply moved by the connections I made and the stories I heard, especially from young women whose stories drew me into a deeper contemplation of my own daughter. I felt for the first time that a blockage of love had entered this important relationship and, as a direct result of this retreat, I saw the natural actions that could bridge the gap and allow love to flow freely once more. It was unforced, intuitive, completely unexpected, and I am very grateful for it.

Your Lab proved conclusively to me that there is more to understanding life than mechanical logic and detached thinking. Thought must reach to the depth of heartfelt feeling, to empathy and compassion for all our fellow beings, to a love that embraces all in the oneness of life.