A research lab for meaningful creation

Your lab is a research lab for individuals and organizations to discover how in our current complex society you can contribute with significance and meaning. Our society is in intense transition: from an opposition society where everything is separated from each other, to an interconnected society where everything is connected to one another. To be able to contribute meaningfully to this society we need to go beyond rational thinking. The application and use of our entire intelligence is required, including our senses and intuition.


Your Lab makes you susceptible to all forms of connection for you to be able to stand in the center of today’s world. Your thinking, feeling and acting becomes aligned resulting in the dissolving of fear and noise. It becomes clear that you are not separate from others and this world but instead in constant dialogue with them. The creation of something meaningful naturally occurs from the space of open dialogue.




The past centuries were all about individuality aiming to provide us more freedom and happiness. The way we interpreted individualism however seems to stand in the way of true freedom and happiness. Freedom and happiness has become our starting point and has blocked our view of a meaningful life.


Individual freedom is regularly used to exceed the freedom limits of the other. This sometimes makes us desperate and impotent, especially in a society with so many different cultural views and ideas. The obsessive focus on happiness has directed us into seeing ourselves as an improvement project: it can always be better; more perfect or just more. We are becoming our own worse enemy, as we are never good enough, resulting in exhaustion, burnout and loneliness.


If that’s not enough, current times are challenging us externally with complex issues that are interconnected to one another: global warming has effect on migration, migration has effect on our prosperity, prosperity has effect on our relating with each other. These developments make us feel insecure and afraid because solutions cannot be found within our existing frameworks for thinking.


It looks like our society is in radical transformation. It doesn’t seem like we are experiencing a series of intense changes that we can solve with innovative solutions. Something bigger and more fundamental is going on. We are urged to review our relating with each other, our planet and ourselves. Current times require new perspectives on what it means to be human and how to be meaningful in our existence. We are shifting from a highly individualized society in which we experience continuous contradictions and struggles; to an interconnected society in which we realize that we are not separate from one another and the world. This shift demands different sensitivities, qualities and frameworks for thinking.


The programs at Your Lab are like research labs where you discover how you can make the transition to full connectedness. In this space you can get in touch with all the necessary sensitivities and new frameworks for thinking in order to no longer respond to changes but instead, shape them yourself.

We guide this entire process for individuals and organizations.



Three processes

It is becoming increasingly apparent that a society does not consist of a collection of separate individuals, but that we are all connected to one another. At Your Lab you can personally experience this interconnectedness and once you do, everything will be put into a new perspective for you. From this place of connection it is much easier to have this much-needed open dialogue leading to a more creative, inventive and powerful you. Leading to a more loving you as well. You’ll become connected: instead of standing rational and critical on the sideline commenting on yourself and others, you’ll find yourself in a momentum of research, discovery and wonder. You’ll move along with others in life. This way we can create a society that leads to overall, common and collective growth. We have created three processes to facilitate this journey:


  • Self-awareness: how am I connected with others and the world?
  • Open dialogue: how can I transform discrepancies into inspiration?
  • Creation: how do I create something meaningful?



Self-awareness does not mean that we are fully focused on ourselves but on the contrary release the focus on ourselves. It’s about being able to open ourselves to others and to the world. At Your Lab we facilitate your experience of connection with all. Firstly with yourself: narrowed thinking- and feeling patterns will be transformed into power. Noise and fear will be dissolved. Your thinking, doing and acting will become aligned and a greater sense of peace and overview will arise. From this place of connection with others and the world you no longer will see yourself separated or threatened by others. You are going to witness that even though others may have totally different interests and thoughts about something, the deeper desires we share are in essence the same. This process creates openness, empathy and compassion from where your actions automatically will be focused on common and collective growth.



Our common growth lies in the continuous dialogue with others and our environment. In an open dialogue, differences do not result in crushed compromises but are used as essential input for innovative ideas. The dynamic in an open dialogue is not a rat race, but a path of slowing down, attention and genuine interest. Only then we can truly connect, wonder and open ourselves to essential undercurrents that get bypassed in the speed and rush of everyday life. In this undercurrent we can find the hidden answers to complex issues, now and in the future. At Your Lab you can experience this entire process – from slowing down to connecting with the undercurrents – and you’ll receive the handles to facilitate open dialogues yourself.



An open culture has the danger of never making decisions and nothing getting completed; like the boundaries have faded away. Boundaries are necessary however as they enable you to wonder. Somewhere your knowledge and expertise ends and behind there lies something new. This is how we can find answers to complex issues that within the limits of current frameworks for thinking are impossible to be found. We provide you with tools to guide you towards innovative creativity but also to set necessary boundaries to guarantee growth and creation. We use intervention techniques from the sports- and theater world, from the philosophy- and psychology world and we learn from processes we encounter in technology and in nature.


How do we work?

We work with physical and mental reflections. Because you inevitably will experience the interconnectedness, you will become aware of what you might call “energy”: a powerful force that leads you to intuitive insight and spontaneity. We work with frameworks and models but they are flexible as our trainings are focused on experience and we apply and give meaning to the models and frameworks from a different angle over and over again.

We have an interdisciplinary approach and our trainers come from disciplines such as sports, arts (theater, literature and visual arts), science, philosophy, psychiatry, politics and business. This approach helps us create cross connections and leads to innovative views and insights. Our trainers are the change makers within their fields and share our fundamental thought and building block that everything is interconnected.




To transmit this entire process, we have developed a model that includes all areas of concern and necessary interventions; called Model-a.






Interconnected society

In an interconnected society everyone has a voice and everyone should participate. Your Lab is a foundation and we donate our profits to give people a voice that due to their social or financial conditions sometimes aren’t able to make their voice heard. In 2018 we will give 100 people the opportunity to participate in our programs free of charge. Think of ex-convicts, homeless people and people that due to depression or anxiety disorders lack that feeling of connection. To make this possible we get support from: Kans Fonds, Triodos Fonds, Stichting Janivo, Haella Fonds and Fundatie Santheuvel.