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Focused on developing authentic leadership

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We are organizing a retreat for those who want to take the lead in the current cultural transformation, where decisiveness and love take the place of hidden agendas, narcissism, fear and strategic games. The 6-day retreat will be held from 22 - 27th of May 2017 in Italy. Surrounded by the silence of nature we will pursuit to reach the essence of true leadership; developing your authentic power to become the change instead of reacting to the changes approaching you. This leadership retreat is developed for innovative leaders that want to keep walking ahead and lead by example; aiming for personal and collective growth at the same time.



Until recently leadership was mainly focused on a particular vision, knowing where you want to go and being the leader in this process. The world, however, is radically and rapidly changing bringing a fair amount of uncertainty: a vision becomes outdated quicker than ever before.

Leadership is not about long or short term visions but rather about daring not to know. It’s about embracing the rapidly changing reality and being able to lead in that moment; intuitively, decisively and clear.

To lead clearly you have to embrace not knowing.


We won’t convey any concepts, frameworks or competences; knowledge is simply not sufficient any- more for those who want to walk ahead. It’s all about the wisdom that comes from within. For this wisdom to evolve it’s essential to get clarity and insight in your own patterns to be able to no longer be led by your unconscious longings. Internal clutter disappears and makes place for peace and silence. You connect with the source of which you are part of, where you intuitively have all the wisdom to take actions from. This ultimately leads you to authentic leadership.

Leading should originate from inner peace.


The retreat is set up to enrich you on all levels; mentally, physically and energetically. This acquired self-awareness leads to an alignment of your thinking, acting and intuition and enables you to connect with yourself, each other and the world. You realize the impact of your actions in the entire scope of things; durability is not something you actively do anymore but something that comes naturally because it originates from your inner source.

A great leader requires inner stability.


You will be guided and assisted by top specialists that will facilitate you in experiencing this oneness. From this connection you see everything in its purest and most vital form, you respect the things as they are and seize opportunities as they come along. Only from here you can lead true transitions. In the experiential sessions you’ll get guided in making the translation to your unique way of leader- ship. You’ll learn how to pass this knowledge and experience over to others, to lead them into becoming (more) decisive and loving.

To lead in transitions you have to be connected.


What you will cultivate in the retreat:

1. Insight in your patterns and disadvantages to help you recognize, intergrate and/or release.

2. Experience of inner peace that connects you with your true essence.

3. Experience of oneness: connection to the source.

4. Insight in your unique place in the bigger scope of things to ensure clarity in your next steps. Knowing your assignment and how people relate to you.

5. Alignment of your thinking, doing and intuition so you are in tune on all levels.

6. Experience authentic leadership from the deep inner connection, resulting in surrender, trust and spontaneity.

7. Development of mastery so you can share your internalized experiences in private and professional relationships. Ultimately to share this new way of leadership with the world.

8. Experience of deep silence, trust and clarity – knowing that what you are doing is perfect exactly as it is, there is no better way.

The retreat will be held in the Italian region Umbria, in a beautifully renovated monastery, surrounded by nothing but nature. A perfect setting as we’ll be using this nature in most of our sessions, the ultimate place to withdraw yourself and to come to new leadership understandings.





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22 - 27th of May 2017



Participation costs

€ 2.950,-*
*Incl. meals and hotel. Excl. BTW and travel costs

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