Getting to meaningful and significant innovation

- Innovation Edition

This innovation program is a four-day training and research on everything involving innovation. This program is aimed at everyone having to do with creation, innovation and transformation. Think of entrepreneurs but also of change agents, innovation managers, people from the creative industry as well as people from the fields of science and politics. Each 4-day innovation training holds between 15 to 25 participants.




This Innovation Lab revolves entirely around innovation. The current times challenge us with complex issues that cannot be resolved within existing frameworks for thinking. We will have to reach beyond the limits of what we know. To come to this point, first of all, insight and understanding is needed into what changes are currently taking place and how they impact us in all relevant areas of our lives. We then examine how we can creatively translate these changes into meaningful innovations that lead to overall and common growth. We use innovative innovation techniques as well dialogue techniques in this process; from the Socratic method to Model-a, the model we have developed ourselves (see vision). You will learn how to use the collective creativity of the group to get to effective and meaningful innovation. Lastly, we offer you presentation techniques to ensure you can create powerful and authentic dialogues and have the skills to share your ideas clearly and confidently with the world.






Main themes:

  • Understanding of the impact of current transformation;
  • Innovation methodologies;
  • Dialogue techniques;
  • Creation & improvisation techniques;
  • Presentation techniques.


That lead to:

  • The understanding of current transformation;
  • The ability to create relevant translation to innovation-demands;
  • Reaching a clear line of questioning and a process-approach;
  • The ability to create a safe environment where dialogue can take place;
  • Connecting with essential undercurrents (not-knowing);
  • Triggering the creation process by improvisation interventions;
  • Seeing different views and resistance as an essential input for creation;
  • Reach a well-rounded result that is truly meaningful and breaks new ground;
  • Presenting authentically (feeling, thinking and acting are aligned);
  • Reaching a clear sense of completion and developing an effective plan for manifestation;




Our unique approach of mental, physical and energetic exercises allows you to experience structural impact. Specialists that live what they teach will guide you in these four days of training. In addition to the main trainer, André Platteel, we make us of the expertise of guest trainers as well. We organize this program twice a year.


This program is designed for anyone wanting to lead in innovation and wanting to understand how to do that from collective effort. These can be leaders, innovation managers, change agents, moderators, creatives from a variety of sectors as well as researchers, but above all; everybody who is called to give direction to the intense change that concerns us all.





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09.30 - 17.00



Participation costs

Normal: € 1495,-/ Freelancers: € 1195,-

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