For those working towards insight and clarity

- 3 days


In this three-day Your Lab edition, you will gather insight into patterns that stand in the way of openness. Noise, constriction and oppressive thoughts will be made comprehensible. You will figure out what your unique qualities are and how you can deploy them. You will find out how everything is connected to each other, and what your unique role is in that bigger whole.

Maximum number of participants: 25.

This English edition is organized once or twice a year.




You will learn to understand which behavioral patterns do not suit you anymore. You can release fear and the need to control, and consequently will experience an enormous freedom. Rest and clarity is produced. You will connect to your intuition, which makes everything you do more spontaneous and playful.



You will be mentored by specialists, who themselves live through the things they teach you. The sessions you will participate in: work with constellations, role-play, transformational breathing and various guided meditations. We also use tranquility and energetic sessions, both individually and in groups, in which you will feel whole, and entirely in the moment.

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09.30 - 17.00



Participation costs

Normal: € 525,-/ Students: € 425,-

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