Creating meaning from inner sustainability

Your Lab is a research lab for individuals and organizations to discover how in our current complex society you can contribute with significance and meaning. For a while now it has been all about individuality and the way we interpreted this doesn’t only leave our planet in turmoil but we, ourselves, are reaching a point of exhaustion and burnout in our pursuit of more of everything.

We are at a turning point in our society in which it becomes clear that we are inseparable of one another. This is not just theory; we let you experience this at Your Lab. From this space of interconnectedness you’ll see the world in a brand new daylight. Peace and trust arise because you understand that you are part of something bigger. Your tendency of wanting to conquer or control disappears. Others are no longer a threat but openness and empathy arises. This is the foundation of what we call ‘inner sustainability’ and from this base you’ll naturally start aiming for common and collective growth. From this moment onwards you’ll start sensing more freedom and space in finding the answers on your questions on how to give meaning to your life, your work or as an organization. By slowing down you can truly be in the moment and let your narrowed-down thinking and -sensing abilities transform into power and strength. Being more focused and clear you naturally become more creative. Because you start seeing everything from the foundation of interconnectedness, you will be responding from a place of being in tune and in flow. Instead of standing rational and critical on the sideline, you’ll find yourself in the center of the world and in constant dialogue with others.

One last thing: we are a foundation and donate our profits to allow people to participate in our programs that have difficulties making their voices heard. This is our way of merging interconnectedness with togetherness.